Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pain Cycles

Fuck the pain that stays in my mind
Fuck what causes it and all of its kind
Rage has com and gone leaving me blind
It has eaten my fruit only leaving the rind
Fury at fury rolls in an endless loop
Coming with surgical tools at my brain to scoop
Nowhere to put these thoughts of rage
A book not written asks me to turn its page
Impulses scream to lash out, but with nowhere to turn
Satisfied only with fear to taste and bridges to burn
Everyone near becomes an an enemy even if friend
Praying that all of this chaos will soon end
So I can go back to what I love, which is love in the end
Hoping I am left with at least a few good emotions to spend

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I made a vow when I spit never to say a word uninspired by God
As a result in a bar I spit more truth than you could fit in your ipod
Even if you had a couple terabytes of memory enumerated in its specs
And I'm not saying this because I feel like I need to  to flex
I'm saying this to make sure when you hear this you wake from your sleep
And recognize the wheels whirring down in your systems deep
That should be powering an alarm telling you there's something wrong
I'm not sitting here just trying to compose a catchy fucking song
I'm trying to spark a flame near a gas tank hoping that shit ignites
So when the government finally does it there will be more fights
Do what you ask, I got and endless list choose whichever you like
Change is coming and my brother this side needs every pike
Because the real government has been doing this for thousands of years
And they're not impressed by you your ass in a beater downing a couple beers
Talking about change instead of changing your fucking self
Trying to get your dick hard and amassing more wealth
Don't you see that's exactly how the powerful have won
By crippling their enemies before ever reaching for a gun
They want to tell you you're only a person, that you can't affect change
It was person told you that, what is it that puts you out of range
Of the power they had when they said that to your face or behind your back
Was it worldly power, government corruption or maybe a paper stack
I'm hear to tell you none of that means one fucking thing
When the veil gets pulled back and pray you hear an angel sing
Because a bank account doesn't account for a life of ignorance and sin
The lies you told your ex girlfriend couldn't even attempt to begin
The lies you told yourself when you agreed that all you did was worth it
To cook up fear, hate and separation in your life and assistince to birth it
When you became just another pawn, another peg in this system
What were your gain, please tell me now, list them
Did you get a shiny car, a new phone or convince a chick to give you dome
While millions starved in the street hungry, suffering and diseased without a home
Because of economic climates you bought into in order to life your life
How much hedonism will positively outweigh an ounce of strife?
I tell you man it would take cars boats and tanks full to measure the tons
Just make sure for your side chick you've amassed enough funds
Now I'm not sitting here blameless but thankfully exposed to the truth
So as I stand here sitting over this beat and inside this booth
I don't want your recognition I want you to take a hard close look at whats yours
And start to open or close more than a few of your mental doors